When to go / What to take

You can visit Cusco at any time of year. No matter what month you go, the “Center of the world” will always have a special appeal. From the many shades of its fields and skies to its colorful religious and folk festivals, the traveler will find a mosaic of activities through which to discover the fine points of this charming region.

We recommend a minimum stay of seven (7) days, to allow time for seeing the city and some of the main tourist circuits, and spending at least one night in Machu Picchu. If you want to see Cusco in all its splendor, plan a visit during the rainy season (January to March). You will not be disappointed.

Although the winter months (June to September) are the high season for foreign tourists because there are no rains, the roads are in good condition and there are many festivals, this is also when many services become more expensive and it becomes much harder to get sits on trains, airlines and buses. This is the coldest time of the year. Remember that at altitudes over 3 000 masl the sunlight is less filtered, increasing the risk of sunstroke. Keep your skin covered or use sun block.

The summer months (December to April) are ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy the nature and landscapes of Cusco in all their splendor. Evening rain showers are frequent during this season, but mornings and nights are generally clear.

We recommend setting aside a few hours to take the road from Chinchero to Maras. With the rising or setting sun, the play of light over the fields is simply spectacular.