Chan Chan, the capital of the Chimu Empire, is the largest mud city in the valley of Moche near Trujillo. It was built between the XII and XIV centuries. It is believed  that the city housed around 100 thounsand people and that it was built with 240 million adobe bricks.

Chan Chan: The Mud City

Chan Chan is a labyrinth city that consisted of nine Royal Compounds that have streets, channels, reservoirs, squares and pyramidal temples. The Compounds have been named after the archaeologics and explores who discovered them or studied them.

One of the most famous and best preserved compounds is Tschudi, named after Juan Diego Tschudi, a Swiss naturalist (1818-1889). This compound has only one entrance and twelve meterhigh walls, whichare wider at the bottom than at the top.

Chan Chan

The walls have high relief figures resembling fish. In fact, most of the city walls are decorated with mythical scenes, geometrical and zoomorphic shapes and highly realistic figures.

In 1986 UNESCO declared Chan Chan Mankind’s Historical Monument. Come visit the mud city and its site museum, and be part of those who have enjoyed this long-lasting magnificent city.