Traditional Tours in Cusco – 1 Day

City tour in Cusco

This fabulous half day tour takes you around all the most important sites of Cusco. Including visits to Cusco’s Cathedral, the Temple of the Sun (Qoricancha) and the various Inca sites found outside of the city you get to see an incredible mixture of Inca and Spanish-style and in the case of Qoricancha, the two combined. Cusco is truly a fascinating place to visit; providing a blend of the two cultures (Inca and Spanish) the city has a look and feel about it that is completely different to the rest of Peru. This tour is a must-do when visiting Cusco and is usually one of the first ports of call for all visiting tourists.

At 13h30 pm you will be pick you up from your hotel and transfer to star the tour in

The Cathedral, also known as The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin, is the principle temple in the city of Cusco. The tour starts by entering the cathedral through the Church of the Sacred Family, and works its way through the entire cathedral, including the adjacent Church of Triumph. the tour continues with a visit to the most important religious site of the Incas, the Qorikancha. The Temple of the Sun was the center of the entire complex Incan religion, making Cusco the Holy City of the Incas. Nowadays it is still possible to observe the advanced engineering and architectural techniques developed and utilized by the Incas. Then take the bus to go to the upper part of the city and visit
This Incan archeological site is known as the “Ceremonial Temple of Sacsayhuaman.” Here you can observe the huge megalithic walls that are among the greatest architectural works from the peak of the Incan empire. Located about 2 kilometers outside the city, this site also offers an incomparable panoramic view of the city and surrounding area. Continue to Qenqo
This site of Incan worship, dedicated to magical-religious rituals, is of particular interest due to its semicircular amphitheater and subterranean passageways continue to Puca Pucara
This archeological site is a military fortress with large walls, terraces, and steps. It formed an important part of the defense of Cusco. Continue to Tambomachay
This temple was built for the cult to water, as well as a retreat for the Incan King to rest. It contain a series of aqueducts, canals, and waterfalls that pass over the rocks. Even today, the original source of the water remains unknown.


Sacred Valley

Discover the fascinating architecture and culture of the ancient Incas during this 8- to 10-hour day trip covering the highlights of Peru’s Sacred Valley from Cusco. Check out the market in Pisac, stopping on Sundays to observe its famous mass. You’ll also visit the Inca settlement at Ollantaytambo and explore the ruins of its fortress and the Temple of the Sun, a mysterious structure composed of giant 12-foot (3.5-m) stones. Your Sacred Valley tour also includes a turism bus , guide, lunch, entrance fees and round-trip hotel transportation.

Day 1: Cusco Sacred Valley Pisac Urubamba Ollantaytambo Cusco

At 8.20am we will pick you up from your hotel to get a tourist bus, we travel from Cusco past over the mountains toward the Sacred Valley. We descend 1500 feet to the valley floor of the sacred Urubamba River and the village of Pisac where we will visit a traditional market and you can buy some local souvenirs. We then drive up to explore the extensive ruins of Pisac with stunning views over the valley. On the guided walk into the Citadel of Pisac you can observe temples, residences, altars, channels, carvings, tunnels/caves and the famous Intihuatana “The hitching post of the Sun”,

we continue on to Urubamba where we stop for a lunch in nice typical restaurant. A further 30 minutes’ drive takes us to Ollantaytambo surrounded by the sacred mountains, where we will again discover the magnificence of the Incan constructions, the amazing temple of the Sun, enormous blocks of rock perfectly carved and polished, stone water fountains, stairs, terraces and the beauty of the local people in their traditional dress, all surrounded by the sacred mountains and Valley of Patacancha and Willoq.
On our return, we quickly visit the famous church and archeological site in Chincheros,


Chinchero Maras and Moray

We will pick up from your hotel at 08h30 am we will go to the town of Chinchero where we will make a stop. This town is located 28 km outside of Cusco and is surrounded by patchwork style fields with exquisite natural colors.  Chinchero is a charming town, with colonial style buildings and was a major agricultural center during the Tawantinsuyo. Here you can appreciate the stone walls with trapezoidal niches and a traditional market where locals still practice bartering. The women of Chinchero are easily recognized for their very distinguishing clothing and braided hair. Then visit a Andean textile factory were will know more about the inca technic to work the textiles in a weaving demonstration

We will go on to the picturesque town of Maras, 52 km from Cusco. It is located at an altitude of 3,380 meters above sea level. This is a small village famous for its salt mines which consist of about 3000 small wells with an average area of about 5m² from which salt is extracted after a drying process.  The Salt mines, better known as “Salineras de Maras”, have been exploited since Inca times as a means of economic exchange.

7 km from Maras, we will visit the archaeological site of Moray.  Here we will see the greatness of the circular terraces of Inca agriculture.  Moray is a group of circular terraces which was used as an agricultural experimental center. The Incas used it to study the adaptation of plants to new ecosystems. The overlapping circular stone rings widen as they rise and it has a total depth of 150 m.

After a guided tour, we will go back to Cusco. The tour take about 5 hours at the end will Transfer to your hotel.

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