El Camino de las Piedras Cansadas 2 días

Day 1.- Ollantaytambo – Cachiccata

Departure from  Ollantaytambo
Visit Choquekillca
Visit Simapucyo
Visit Tamboccasa Mirador
Visit the school of Cachiccata community
Cultural show

Visit the sustainable development projects

Starting the walk at the Inca Bridge, on arrival at the entrance of Ollantaytambo village, we will cross the river of Vilcanota and follow it to get to Choquekillca, the veneration place of the Lord of Choquekillca. We will then continue along the Inca trail of CÁPAC ÑAN, along the routes which in the past were used for transporting the stones. On the edge of the route, we can see some of the TIRED STONES which have been affected by thunder, lightening and the force of the wind, and which appear to have rested in the same spot since being left by Inca hands. From there, we will follow the trail of the tired stones to get to Simapucyo, a sector with very well preserved Incan terraces. We will then begin our accent towards the TAMBOCCASA LOOKOUT (2820 masl.), where we will enjoy a panoramic view of the valley, and the pyramid of Paqaritampu. Afterwards, we will descend to Cachiccata where we will visit the community school. Here we will have the opportunity to take part into an intercultural exchange with the children; to understand the world from a present-day perspective, and see the practices of the community from grandparents to grandchildren. As part of this experience, the children will speak to us in their native language, QUECHUA, and will perform a folkloric dance demonstrating their daily customs. Following this, we will also show and teach part of our culture to the children. After lunch, we will be able to visit sustainable development projects in the community, accompanied by those in charge. Over-night in Cachiccata’s camping, “Las Chullpas de Cachiccata”.

Day 2.- Cachiccata – Cusco

Visit Intipunku
Visit Chullpas and pre-Inca Tombs
Visit Cachiccata’s quarries
Visit Choquetacarpu
After the lunch, we will walk up to the temple of Veronica before crossing the different Andean ecological layers and arriving to Cachiccata’s quarries, one of the most culturally interesting spot of our route. There, we will have the opportunity to observe some workshops that will illustrate the processes of extraction, sculpture and stones transport, as well as the whole art of carving stones.


  • Transfer of private first class: Cusco / Ollantaytambo Cachiccata / Ollantaytambo
  • Food per person (2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, 1 tea, 1snack)
  • Support Team Group: Guide bilingual
  • mule: horses for transportation in emergencies and Llamas
  • Overnight camping services hot shower, dining, kitchen, place for bonfire
  • Transportation of waste to Cusco
  • Camping equipment: tents (Passenger), mattress, kitchen implements
  • First aid kit with oxygen.
  • Water for canteens

Not included

  • Sleeping bags
  • Tips for all support staff
  • Drink extra travel

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